LAXMI is an approved supplier of silicone connector parts for the aerospace, medical & pharmaceutical industries. We specialize in high volume injection-molded liquid silicone rubber parts, short run - prototype silicone parts, and over-molding silicone onto plastic & metal. We also process a wide range of compounds such as solid silicone, HCR/HTV/LSR.

We work with medical device OEM engineers, as well as creative product developers. Laxmi offers the advantage of a highly experienced team of Plastic and Silicone engineers with years of tooling, part design and production know-how.

High Volume
Cold runner silicone injection molding solutions for our high volume customer applications where the silicone rubber cost is a large part of the overall part cost.

Low Volume
LAXMI supports short run silicone molding and part production. We are also able to make silicone part and mold design changes with an efficient turnaround time, shortening our customer’s product development cycle.

Prototype Silicone Molding
Our prototype liquid silicone rubber parts are produced in short turnaround cycles.

Liquid Silicone Rubber 2-Component Parts or Over-molded Parts
We have experience with 2-component parts or over-molding silicone onto various plastic or metal parts.

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LAXMI ELECTRONICS Moulds & Precision Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is a closely held and managed company registered with ROC, Bangalore, India and is not part of any group.